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Help and frequently asked questions
Help and frequently asked questions
How to make the Reservations
How can I reserve a hotel?

The reservation of a hotel in is very easy; you can only check any of our searcher providing us with the following information:

  • City or County where you wish to stay.
  • Date of entry and departure.
  • Number of rooms you wish to reserve.
  • Occupants (adult and children) per room.

Once you have entered the information click “Hotel Search” and you will be given a list with available hotels for your consult.

Remember that you can filter the results according to the price, hotel categories, towns… in order to find the most suitable hotel for your needs.

Once you have found the hotel, click “RESERVE” and confirm your reservation.

Can I make a phone reservation?

Yes, and we will be glad to meet you from Monday to Sunday. Our Phone number is +34 951 004 014 from 9:00h to 22:00h (local time in mainland Spain).

How many rooms can I reserve at the same time?

There is a limit of 3 rooms per reservation if you need more rooms you can make all the reservations you want.

If it is a big group, more than 5 rooms, we suggest you to call us; phone number +34 951 004 014 or to email us [email protected] We can allow a group price and improve the conditions of your reservation.

Are the prices fixed per people or per room?

All the prices showed are TOTAL PRICES OF THE RESERVATION for all the people and all the room you have looked up. Taxes Included.

What is included in our prices?

- Prices include:

  • Accommodation for all the persons included in the reservation.
  • The board engaged.
  • Services included in the reservation: forfaits, spa circuits, excursions, tickets etc...

- Prices do not include (direct payment at the hotel):

  • All the services that is not included in the reservation document such as nursery, spa, internet, parking, excursions etc...
  • Money deposit. Deposit will be refunded if there is no extra charge and if everything is in perfect conditions.
  • "Tourist rates" must be directly paid at the hotel or at the airport, except for the cases in which it is expressly written on the reservation that those rates are included in the price.

If you book Half Board remember that breakfast and dinner services can be changed or not according to the hotel. If you wish to change it you must ask the hotel at the time to your arrival.

Drinks ARE NOT included in the meals except in the case that the hotel expressly notifies they are.

Buffet services can be replaced by table service or similar depending on the occupation of the hotel or organizational issues without prior notice.

*** New Law Balearic Islands 2020 ***. Regulation of the All Inclusive meal plan. All reservations confirmed from 01/23/2020 include only 3 alcoholic drinks per person during meals (lunch and dinner). Outside these hours, they will be paid at the establishment. This regulation affects to all hotels in the areas of Arenal, Playa de Palma, Magaluf, Palma de Mallorca and San Antonio, Ibiza (West End area).

How can I ask for cots?

If you travel with babies you must include them in the reservation (for giving the hotel evidence of baby’s accommodation. If you nee a cot you can ask it at the time to do the reservation filling the field “Room Preferences”, take into account that hotels have a limited stock of units and is very important to let the hotel know. The price of the cot must be paid directly in the hotel such as an extra service.

For confirming price and availability you can phone the hotel directly or you can phone us to +34 951 004 014. Even in that case we can not guarantee that your request would be satisfied as cots are always subjected to availability.

Can I ask for special demands such as views to the sea, double bedded room, special meals, parking place..?

Yes, you can indicate it at the time to make the reservation in the field “Room preferences” take into account that we send the hotel your request together with your reservation but they are always subjected to hotel availability. We can not guarantee them.

These demands can have extra fees that must be paid directly at your arrival.

Can I book rooms with views?

Yes, in the answer relating to hotels and apartments availability, you will see that different kind of guaranteed views are offered. The offer of this kind of rooms depends on their availability at that time.

Some examples of availability views are:

Room or Apartment with front sea view: They are rooms with front sea view.

Room or Apartment with Sea View or Sea Side View: They are rooms with sea view.

Room or Apartment with Views: They are outdoor-facing rooms with different views depending on the hotel (mountain, beach, city...).

If you have any other queries or a special request do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service telephone +34 951 004 014 or you can email us [email protected]

Can I pay my reservation by instalments?

Yes, you can do it easily by selecting Instalment Payment at the time to confirm the reservation. This option is showed if you reserve in advance. If you make your reservation with you are offered a payment by instalments with NO ADDITIONAL COSTS OR INTEREST.

How does it work?: Pay in two times with no extra costs or interest. The first instalment will be 10€ for each reservation and the second instalment will be proportionally done in the time before the arrival to the hotel.

In the confirmation page, this option will be offered for all the reservations where this kind of payment can be done. The reservations with special conditions of cancellation, non-refundable prices, etc. will be excluded.

What happens if I don’t pay?: If any of both deadline instalments is elapsed with no banking evidence or receipt of the payment, we will be obliged to Cancel the reservation and no later complaint will be taken into consideration. You will be emailed with the content of the process.

If you have any other queries do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service +34 951 004 014 or you can email us [email protected]

What does Surprise Hotels mean?

While you are searching availability on the web you can find our "Surprise Hotels". Surprise Hotels are a hotel selection with a special discount, the fact to keep the name of the hotels in secret allow us to lower the price of the rooms The name of the hotel will be given at the time to confirm the reservation.

Does this fact have an influence on the quality?: NOT is doesn´t. We are talking about the same rooms and the same service offered when you buy directly at the hotel. It means that your reservation will be cheaper.

Can I know the area where the hotel is?: YES, don’t worry because we have put a map with a shady area. This is the area where your surprise hotel is located.

What are the documents I will receive for the hotel?

At the time to confirm your reservation it is important to give us your correct email address. You will thus receive the confirmation voucher you need to print and give it to the hotel at your arrival.

I have made my reservation but I haven’t received a confirmation mail. What can I do?

Check your spam box; if you don’t find it you can ask for a copy calling us at +34 951 004 014 or emailing us: [email protected].

The document can’t be print as it can’t be read. May I ask for a copy?

Reservation vouchers are sent in html format, if for any reason you can not read the reservation voucher and you can not print it you can ask for a new format reservation voucher calling us to +34 951 004 014 or by emailing us [email protected].

I don’t have a printer. What can I do?

In that case we can send the document directly to the hotel by fax the day of your arrival. If you need this service you must call us at +34 951 004 014 or to email us: [email protected].

I have delete or lost the document. May I ask for a copy?

If for any reason you need a copy document you can ask for it calling us at +34 951 004 014 or emailing: [email protected].

I have phone the hotel and they don’t confirm the reservation. What can I do?

If the reservation has been done the same day of the phone call we let you know that not all the hotels are 100% automated and need up to 2 days to mechanize the reservation in their systems.

Once two or more days are elapsed contact us by phone +34 951 004 014 or email us [email protected] and we will directly check with the hotel the state of your reservation. You will be immediately informed.

Way of Payment and Conditions
Which are the available way of payments?

We have 2 available ways of payments that are 100% secure:

  • Payment with Credit of Debit Card: once you have made the reservation we will discount the total amount of the reservation from your card. In case of cancellation we will refund the money in the same way.
    All Operations made with are encrypted. Our SSL certificate has been issued by Thawte.

    At the time to enter the reserved area you will find a secure area where the treatment of your personal data will be encrypted by the Protocol SSL Advanced in order to protect the information given.

  • Payment by mean of a Bank Transfer/Deposit: if you make your reservation in advance you can pay by using a Bank Transfer or making a deposit. In the conformation voucher we give you the data for the deposit and limit date for the payment of the reservation.

    The reservations paid by a bank transfer or deposit are confirmed with the hotel the same day when the reservation is done which is independent of the payment day. In case of cancellation we will refund it in the same way.

What type of credit or debit cards are accepted?

Quierohotel currently supports two types of cards:

  • Visa / Visa Electrón
  • Mastercard / Maestro

My Credit Card makes an error at the time to buy. What can I do?

Check that the data are correct: the numbers, expiration date and the Cvc2.

If data are correct it is possible that daily or monthly money limit has been exceeded. In this case ask your bank.

It is also possible that your credit card hasn’t been activated for buying in Internet. In that case ask your bank.

I have to pay the reservation but I don’t have the bank account number. What can I do?

You can ask us the document resending. Our data banks are:

  • Bank: BBVA
  • Account Number: 0182 0481 64 0201644826
  • Account Holder: - Quierohotel SL
  • Concept of Payment: (Number of the Reservation)

** Only for International money transfer **

  • IBAN: ES43 0182 0481 6402 0164 4826
  • BBVA Office Address: PL. Costa del Sol, 9 CP: 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga (Spain)

It is very important to indicate the Reservation Number as a concept of payment as it will help us to identify it quickly.

I have made the payment of my reservation. How can I know that everything is OK?

Once Quierohotel‘s responsible check the payment of the reservation, our systems will accept the payment and your reservation will be considered to be paid. In that moment you will receive an email that certifies the payment of the reservation for all purposes.

Remember that you must only print the reservation voucher with the hotel information, date of arrival, departure, number of people, and to bring it to the hotel.

Take into account that if the transfer has been done from a different bank we will need at least 2 or 3 days in confirming the transfer in our bank and validating the reservation payment, we suggest doing the payment taking into consideration these periods of time.

I can’t send the proof of payment by fax. What can I do?

You can scan it and email it to [email protected].

How to Cancel and Modify Reservations
Can I cancel a reservation already confirmed?

Yes, you must phone us to our Customer Office +34 951 004 014 or send to us an email to: [email protected]. According to the early time, the cancellation can cause you expenses.

Cancellation expenses are always notified in there reservation vouchers. Take into account that the limit days for cancellation are stated considering the country destiny and not considering the residence country.

Reservations must be cancelled in Quierohotel. It is important to underline that the cancellation done in the hotel are null, if there are made with the hotel it is important to know the name of the person with whom you were talking to, date, time, and the reference of the hotel cancellation. We will need this information in order to make the cancellation in our systems.

How can I know that my reservation is cancelled?

Once we cancel your reservation you will receive by email the cancellation confirmation. If you don’t receive this email you can contact us calling our Customer Office +34 951 004 014 or by emailing us : [email protected].

Can I modify a reservation already confirmed?

Yes, for that purpose you must phone our customer office +34 951 004 014 or email us to [email protected].

We will inform you of the new price according to the modifications you wish to do. Take into consideration that there are reservations that don’t accept changes due to the offer applied; this situation is always noticed during the reservation process and in the confirmation voucher.

Due to the modification, cancellation expenses may change. In any case you will be duly informed on the new cancellation policy once the modification is done and confirmed.

I have cancelled a reservation and the refund is still not in my bank account

Money refund is done at the same time than the cancellation. Take into account your credit card. If it is a debit card the refund will be seen in your bank up to 3 days maximum. If it is a credit card the refund will be seen in the next card settlement.

We are available for any enquiry in our Customer Office +34 951 004 014 or in our email address [email protected].

Will the fact of not putting in an appearance generate expenses?

Yes, the fact of not putting in an appearance in the hotel with no previous cancellation can generate an estimated expense from 1 night and the 100% of the booking.

The hotel has the right to cancel your reservation if you don’t present in the hotel in the arrival date engaged.

Cancellation Insurance
Cancellation Insurance. How can I engage it?

At the time to book in the system will always offer you the possibility to engage online a cancellation insurance of your reservation that will cover the expenses before 30 guaranteed situations.

You can see full conditions here

The insurances we commercialize are offered by Intermundial Insurance Company. The insurance is not included if it is not stated in the reservation.

I have done a reservation with no cancellation insurance and in would like to include it. Is it possible?

Yes if your demand to include the insurance the same day of the reservation and if this reservation is not in the period of cancellation expenses. If you wish to include the insurance cancellation you can do it by phoning us: +34 951 004 014 or emailing [email protected].

I have to cancel the reservation and use the insurance cancellation. How can I do it?

If for any reason you can not go to the hotel and you have engages the cancellation insurance call us immediately +34 951 004 014 or email us: [email protected]. We will cancel your reservation and we will send you the invoice that together with all the documents given by you regarding the incident must be sent to the insurance firm that will pay the expenses caused by the cancellation if the cancellation follows the conditions covered by the insurance.

Other Frequent Questions
What are the hours of arrival/departure common in hotels and apartments?

Unless stated otherwise in the documentation the arrival and departure times will be:

  • Hotels: the room will be available the date of the arrival at 14:00h p.m. and has to be free the day of the departure before 12:00 a.m.
  • Apartments: the apartment will be available the date of the arrival at 17:00h p.m. and has to be free the day of the departure before 10:00 a.m.

Hotels can charge an extra money if times are not respected without a previous agreement with the hotel.

For any other queries please contact our Customer Centre +34 951 004 014 or email us [email protected].

I will be late in the hotel. How can I notify it?

If at the time to do the reservation you already know that you will be late you can let the hotel know the arrival time in the field “Rooms Preference”, this is very important because many some hotels don’t have a 24 h reception.

If you need to notify the fact after having done the reservation you can phone the hotel or you can phone us: +34 951 004 014 or email us : [email protected]. And we will inform the hotel.

I have arrived to the hotel and I want to make a claim. What can I do?

If you have any claim you must go directly to the reception /director of the hotel as they can take the necessary steps for solving the problem. If no solution is offered to you , phone us +34 951 004 014 or email us [email protected].

Quierohotel is not going to accept any claim that is not presented by the clients during your stay in the hotel.

I need an invoice. How can I ask for it?

At the time to make the reservation you can ask the invoice filling the data. Invoices are sent by email in A PDF format.

How can I express my opinion about a hotel?

Only opinions of clients with reservation are accepted. If you have made your reservation, the day of the departure you will receive an email with a link to a form where you can express your opinion about your stay in the hotel.

Information about the hotels

We are always improving the text, photos and map of the hotels published in order to offer clients the best service.

During the year, some hotels can change their name or their brand; this fact can not be understood as an hotel change or a reservation modification, categories showed by the hotels have been promoted by the own hotels always submitted to the legal rules of the countries. Thus, they can not be similar with respect to a similar hotel in a different country even if both have the same categories.

All the photographs showed help to give a general idea of the hotel. Hotels installation may vary.

The location of the hotels in the map is approximate and is thought to help you in choosing the hotel. Quierohotel is not responsible of it precision.

Before travelling. What do I have to take into consideration?

The European Union states general information regarding all the trips and journeys: viajar por Europa. We recommend you to visit the web to get more information about the destiny you are going to visit.

It is very important to get information and to be sure to have all the documents, sanitary card, identity card, family books, vaccines (if necessary) etc...Quierohotel is not responsible in any case of those expenses derived in case of not having the document from your part.

Tax and Deposits

Hotels are bound in some countries and Spanish Autonomous Regions to charge some kind of taxes called “stay taxes” or “tourist taxes”. These taxes are not included in the price and must be paid directly at your arrival.

The owners of some kind of hotels such as houses or apartments can asked for some money deposit that will be refunded at the departure. Deposits are not included in the price and will be paid directly at the arrival.



If you need help booking your hotel, change or cancel

Contact telephone number Monday to Friday from 9am to 21pm

Contact telephone number Saturday from 10am to 20pm


If you have any emergency or need help.

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