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In Hotels in Cayo Largo we can offer you 2 hotels. Select your preferred date and book your hotel in the most visited cities or in your next vacation destination with the best offers and at the best price. Remember that by reserving at Quierohotel you can modify or cancel for free and without management costs until a few days before entering the accommodation.
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Hotel Sol Cayo Largo All Inclusive

Isla De La Juventud, Cayo Largo (Cuba) - Cayo Largo Del Sur, Archipielago De Los Canarreos  

This resort boasts an enviable location in Cayo Largo del Sur. Located in Long Key, overlooking the Caribbean Sea, the resort is set amidst natural surroundings, where palm trees, coconut palms and tropical beaches offer the ideal setting in which to completely unwind. The resort is surrounded by ample opportunities for exploration and discovery. This luxurious resort offers unrivalled accommodation options, with rooms and suites featuring elegant designs and up-to-date conveniences. The resort'...

Hotel Sol Pelicano All Inclusive

Isla De La Juventud, Cayo Largo (Cuba) - Cayo Largo Del Sur. Archipielago De La Canarreos  

This all-inclusive hotel in Cayo Largo del Sur is located on the Isle of Youth. This destination is favoured by diving and nature lovers. The complex is situated in the south of Havana Province, which includes the Canarreos island group. It is a perfect place to enjoy the fantastic scenery of white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and palm trees. This air-conditioned hotel was completely renovated in 2002 and comprises a total of 307 rooms. Facilities on offer include a reception, a hotel safe...

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