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Hotel Belmar

Monteverde, Monteverde (Costa Rica) - 300 Mts.De La Estacion De Gasolina De Monteverde  

The hotel is owned and operated by the Belmar family. It is a typical mountain hotel, consisting of 2 Austrian Chalet style buildings nestled in the mountains, adjacent to the immense tropical rainforest. The hotel offers spectacular views and personalized service in a comfortable, rustic, atmosphere combined with the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Its philosophy is centered in nature, delicious and nutritional meals. 34 confortable rooms have a private bathroom and hot water. Restaurant...

Hotel Cloudforest Lodge

Monteverde, Monteverde (Costa Rica) - Santa Elena - Monteverde P.O. Box 531-1000  

The lodge is situated a good 1500 m above sea level in Cordillera de Tilarán, which marks the border between the Caribbean and Pacific tectonic plates. It is surrounded by some 30 hectares of primary forest and secondary forest, with over 180 species of bird and 5 km of footpaths, on which visitors can explore the beautiful flora and fauna of the local area. Due to its excellent location the lodge also offers a wonderful view over the Gulf of Nicoya. The lodge, which was renovated in 2006, comp...

Hotel El Establo

Monteverde, Monteverde (Costa Rica) - Monteverde  

This hotel is located close to the Monteverde nature park, in quiet and beautiful surroundings. A private woodland area is offered by the hotel, with various footpaths, a lake and numerous viewpoints. The hotel comprises a total of 155 rooms of 3 cathegories. A lobby area welcomes guests in the hotel and has 2 bars and 2 restaurants. Further facilities include laundry services and public internet access. Hotel car parking spaces are also available. The rustically decorated hotel rooms comprise...

Hotel Ficus

Monteverde, Monteverde (Costa Rica) - 250 Mts.Sureste Del Bco.Nacional  

The hotel is located in the heart of Monteverde, within walking distance of Santa Elena's centre. The hotel offers beautiful gardens, large trees, paths along the property and a garden that provides the hotel Mayarí with vegetables used in the cooking. It is the perfect place to take advantage of with the whole family. The establishment features 40 rooms, a bar, a restaurant and a car park. The rooms are rustic and have a full bed and one single, a private bathroom with shower and hot water, a...

Hotel Heliconia

Monteverde, Monteverde (Costa Rica) - Puntarenas, Monteverde Po Box 10921-1000  

The hotel is located in Monteverde in the region of Puntarenas, one of the few places in the world, where the famous ""Bosques Nubosos"", forests cloaked in cloud, still remain. It is home to a host of rare species of bird such as quetzals and campanas, as well a many other rare types of animals. The hotel building is set in a charming landscape and is surround by untouched forests, which promise guests a relaxing holiday in the freshest of air. The hotel comprises a total of 55 rooms and has a...

Lodge Monteverde Country Lodge

Monteverde, Monteverde (Costa Rica) - 300 Mts Sureste De Escuela Cerro Plano  

The hotel is located on Southeast Escuela de Cerro Plano, in Monteverde, Costa Rica. The hotel has 16 warm and comfortable rooms, adorned with wide corridors, a central courtyard filled with plants, fountains and colours. It offers the ideal space to relax. Its facilities include wireless internet and a parking. Among other amenities the rooms have a cable TV, bathroom with hot water, coffee maker and a safe. The hotel has a restaurant.

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