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Hotel Jakes

Boulevard, South Coast, Jamaica Costa Surt (Jamaica)
Hotel Jakes
Hotel Jakes
Hotel Jakes

Hotel Jakes

Jakes is located in South Coast, Jamaica Costa Surt. The hotel is located in Treasure Beach, Jamaica, a secluded fishing village on the island's undeveloped southern coast. Boutique resort with personality and charisma with 45 rooms created by theatrical designer Sally Henzell to commune with garden, sea and sky. This hotel is the perfect choice for a romantic getaway, a spiritual retreat or an adventure. The rooms are a rare mix of chic sensuality and artistic flair. Each accommodation features an oceanfront or garden view, while sprawling verandas define the villas with decks overlooking the sea. Each room also features as much outdoor as indoor living space so as to create a balanced environmental lifestyle. Most accommodations are equipped with central air conditioning, and some have TVs and DVD players. Guests may dine in main indoor area outfitted with comfortable family-style seating, local artwork and of course a succulent menu of farm and ocean fresh dishes. Alternatively you may opt for the luxury of outdoor candlelit dining with an ocean view

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Some places near Hotel Jakes are Ys Falls: 45 Kms, Pelican Bar: 28 Kms, Black River: 26 Kms, Appleton Rum Factory: 45 Kms, Alligator Pond: 32 Kms, City Centre: 0.001 Kms, Airport: 100 Kms, Beach: 0.001 Kms, Entertainment Area: 0.01 Kms

What activities does the Hotel Jakes carry out?

Some activities offered by Hotel Jakes are Diving.

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South Coast, Jamaica Costa Surt

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