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In Hotels in Voss we can offer you 3 hotels. Select your preferred date and book your hotel in the most visited cities or in your next vacation destination with the best offers and at the best price. Remember that by reserving at Quierohotel you can modify or cancel for free and without management costs until a few days before entering the accommodation.
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Hotel Fleischers

Voss, Voss (Norway) - N-5700 Voss  

This 4 star hotel is located on the coastline of Voss and was established in 1889. It is close to the Voss Church. The Hotel has a restaurant, a bar, a conference room, a coffee shop, an indoor swimming pool and a fitness centre/gym. All 145 rooms are equipped with minibar.

Hotel Jarl

Voss, Voss (Norway) - Elvegaten 7 N-5700 Voss Norway  

This hotel is situated in the centre of Voss. The hotel has a total of 78 rooms. It offers its guests two bars and two restaurants. The rooms have an en suite bathroom, An indoor swimming pool is available to guests.

Hotel Park Vossevangen

Voss, Voss (Norway) - N-5701 Voss Utraagata, P.O. Box 190 Norway  

This 3 star hotel is located in the city centre of Voss. It is 36.0 Km from the Stalheimskleiva and the nearest station is Voss Railway Station. The Hotel has a restaurant, a bar and a conference room. All 131 rooms are equipped with minibar.

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